Discover ALLPlayer 7.5 - new video player with the movie search

allplayer 7.4

The latest version of ALLPlayer 7.5 is faster and weight less, it has built all updated codecs that use hardware support for watching videos, so the player should not have trouble opening any video file.

The key change is a brand new video search visible from the player screen. After configuration, ALLPlayer searches for movies stored on local drives in the specified directories and on websites offering free videos - movies or video clips

We improved significantly internet radio, which now is divided into convenient folders and grouped by location and music genre.
Support for subtitles to videos from was also improved.

Fixes in version 7.5

  • fixed flac files playback
  • fixed movie editor
  • fixed free LiveUpdate for older versions of the program
  • click on Radio list does not hide Radio
  • fixed GUI
  • better recognition of the latest audio-video files