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LiveUpdate - the best, fastest, latest codecs. Video problem - help. Codec problem - help. PDF Drucken E-Mail
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LiveUpdate is a service that allows you to check, diagnose and find the appropriate codecs for your system, so that you don't have to waste time experimenting with those which could mess it up. Often in the process of downloading codec packs, you can download spyware or viruses included within them. Over the course of one month, active LiveUpdate downloads all the codecs that enable you to open files from mobile phones, web sites like YouTube, high-definition camcorders, digital cameras and video Torrent/P2P networks. For those who like to convert, LiveUpdate allows the convertion of files to the formats supported by DVD/DivX HD players.

LiveUpdate Premium

As a bonus, our users get with LiveUpdate the latest versions of ALLPlayer, ALLConverter, ALL YouTube Downloader, voices to run dubbing and ALLPassword Manager. For those who would like to change the skin of the player, we have a new collection, which is regularly replenished. LiveUpdate assures that the latest codecs were thoroughly tested and are available on an ongoing basis.

We are focusing on trouble-free harmony between our player and Windows Vista or Windows 7.
LiveUpdate is recommended especially for the new systems, for notebooks, and cheap netbooks, which need codecs especially selected in order not to burden RAM and CPU.


To run LiveUpdate or LiveUpdate Premium download the latest ALLPlayer version.
Then click 'setup' (the icon with a key, a hammer, crossed key and hammer, or a cogwheel, depending on the skin), which can be found on the player skin, or right mouse button on the player skin, and select 'Preferences'.

Step 1 First select the 'LiveUpdate' tab at the top (1), and then 'Codecs - Analysis tool'(2). If there are any problems with WiFi, wait a while and try again.

Step 2 The option 'Scan your System' enables you to verify the missing codecs and programs through the selection of this particular button (3). LiveUpdate will check which codecs are missing.

Step 3 This option is performed in order to update the selected items. To do this select 'Get the Code' (4). Enter your code (5) and then press the button - 'Download' (6).

Hint: If a movie doesn't work after these operations - you have to manually select all the video and audio codecs and download them again - 'Download Now' (6).


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