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Komputer Świat - Jakość
Komputer Świat - poleca ALLPlayer


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ALLPlayer download3000 award
Editor's pick award ALLPlayer

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ALLPlayer Soft82 award
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  • You guys are incredible!!! you're great !!! :).
  • For long time i have been using Bs Player.Now Bs Player is not so good, i have problems with aero, problems with serial, etc...
    So i use All Player as default now, and it works like a charm. Regards! Nikola
  • It is we the people who should thank you for putting up such an excellent software...
    I've been searching the web for one of these for 2 months
    but never have a got a player so efficient of playing everything so wonderfully that we loved it a lot
    you guys are the best! I hope its not a paid software!
    well even if it were, we would buy it lol :P
    sincerely thank you...Arcade
  • My dear friends. ALLPlayer is the best mediaplayer I ever known until today.
    Thank you very much for your work and efforts to made it possible for the netcommunity.
    I love you all.
  • Allplayer is brilliant program, the best player I have found till now, I am recommending to all my contacts...
    Best wishes for your continued success....my hopes for the future...'keep it small, keep it sharp'.....
  • Your player is great.

  • Hi I hope this message is not annoying to you, because I send this message only for the purpose of thanking the excellence of their software. My greatest thanks and keep up the great software

  • Dear Sir
    I am SATHI from Chennai India.

  • Hi there, just downloaded the all player and it is what I have being lookin for it handles the subtitles the way it should, used for few minutes and I´m very happy with it finally somebody did the right thing congratulations for it. if I find some additional functions I´ll let you know
    thanks for giving us a good product.

  • I will recommend this player to all my friends. Great job!
    Leda Daoutopoulou
    Marin's Balkans - Athens

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