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The latest ALLPlayer 5.2 is available in LiveUpdate PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Jeudi, 05 Juillet 2012 00:00

We recommend the latest ALLPlayer 5.2, with free ALLMediaServer - multimedia files server (video, audio, images) in DLNA (AllShare) standard. All multimedia computrer files can be viewed on any DLNA compatible device (TV, BluRay, tablet, phone) connected to a home network via WiFi or LAN.

ALL Media Server DLNA

Improvements in 5.2 version :

  • a new playlist, which is also a free DLNA server/AllShare (ALLMediaServer 0.8)
  • a bug, that ALLPlayer didn't open some files like m2ts, mts, ts, mkv, with damaged subtitles track or not diagnosed properly - fixed.
  • added in the upper-right OSD corner zoom in /zoom out keys. Useful on laptops with a small screen, but a high resolution (window of the movie in such case is often too small, but now it is easy to enlarge it.)
  • movies of the same size started one after another will run in the same place and size like the previous film - ALLPlayer remembers the location and size of the window with the movie.
  • subtitles downloader corrected.
  • support for several new types of files like MP3HD etc.
  • many other minor.
The latest ALL Converter PRO 1.3 PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Mardi, 27 Mars 2012 22:22

ALLConverter PRO 1.2

What's new:

You can select audio track in avi or divx files
"Convert by ALLConverter" added to menu under right click on a file to be converted


Improved quality of subtitles
Subtitles disappear at a time when they should not be seen
Edit video key works properly
Ripping/converting DVDs preview added

The latest ALLPlayer 5.1 available in LiveUpdate PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Vendredi, 23 Mars 2012 00:57

ALLPlayer 5.1

ALLPlayer 5.0, launched last year was a completely new ALLPlayer. All was rebuilt from scratch.
Unfortunately, because of the huge number of changes we failed to avoid a few, often serious, problems and errors.
However, we tried to made every effort to correct all the errors, and give into your hands the new fixed ALLPlayer 5.1.

What's fixed:

* unexpected switching off while watching a movie
* fast forward
* stretching the screen
* multichannel sound
* stuck keyboard (such as SPACE or PLAY)
* sometimes no subtitles in the full screen mode
* scroll bar in the middle of the screen in the old mode
* memory leaks when switching the file, one after another
* image jamming after CLRL-ALT-DEL
* the image in two strips, and the rest in black on ATI cards with some drivers in EVR video output mode
* subtitles embedded in MKV files
* ffdshow, which causes many problems is now used only when there is no other possibility
* FixAVI module responsible for repair of damaged AVI files is now a separate program (outside of ALLPlayer)
* VideoMenu improved
* over 255 characters path problem
* support for the new file types and extensions 3GP2, 3GPP, EVO, F4V, HDMOV, IVF, M1V, M2T, MP4V, mpv2, MPV4, mp2v, PV2, OGV, RAM, REC, RMM, RPM, WMP, WM, VRO, AIFC, ALAC, APL, DTS,FLI, FLC, FLIC, M1A, M2A, M4A, MIDI, MP2, OGA, OFR, FS, RA, RMI, WV, SND, TTA
* start after hibernation
* correct handling <b> tags (bold subtitle) <i> (sloping) in SRT
* automatic subtitles loading
* ALLPlayer ELITE switching does not cause errors when exiting
* settings for brightness, contrast and color
* accelerated start
* some movies were played faster than they shold be played
* setup fixes the basic codecs configuration
* setup improved (desktop icon and in start menu without a version number)
* green light when ELITE is purchased
* LiveUpdate system improved
* in the old mode ALLPlayer ELITE button is not blinking anymore
* OSD PlayList synchronized with the main Playlist
other minor

Latest ALL Converter PRO 1.2 PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Lundi, 23 Janvier 2012 17:17

We recommend the latest version of ALL Converter PRO 1.2:

*Problem of program stop after conversion the first file with subtitles
*TRIM (cut a piece of movie)
*Startup error (sometimes appearing)
*Overlapping subtitles (sometimes appearing)
*The image parameters for the Portable Sony Playstation (PSP)
*DVD file extension changed to VOB (it is not created a disk image file but movie file playable on desktop DVD)
*Conversion to WebM
*Subtitles of the same name as the movie are automatically loaded
*iPad convertision at high and low quality
*PlayStation 3 (PS3) conversion at high and low quality

ALLPlayer 5.0 is available PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Mercredi, 21 Décembre 2011 20:55

ALLPlayer 5.0 w LiveUpdate!

The program has been rebuilt from scratch, there is a completely new layout.Read More We decided to put the most used features in OSD, and so when you start menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen, it shows you five additional vertical icons:

Video settings including:

  • Image settings, its aspect ratio, rotation by 90 and 180 degrees, inversion, moving on the screen, zoom in and out
  • Parameters: brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Video effects

Audio settings including:

  • Equalizer with manual override and default proposals
  • Visualisations for music files
  • Audio output settings
  • Audio settings

Subtitles Settings:

  • Background of subtitles
  • Size and location
  • Colour

ALLPlayer ELITE additional functions :

  • Radio online
  • Audio and some video streaming
  • Audio and video file info downloaded from the internet.

Using the menu from the right mouse button you can download subtitles for movies from OpenSubtitles.org. From Preferences (right mouse button) you can scan your video system and update it when needed.
From Preferencess you have also access to several features for advanced users (additional software, settings, subtitles editor, film editor, making of video menu, settings the playback options, definition of the keyboard shortcuts, movie autostart wizard  - only Windows is needed, repair and preview AVI files downloaded from the Internet and many other useful settings that are not as often used as these found in OSD menu.

ALL YouTube Downloader 1.7 PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Mercredi, 24 Août 2011 13:09


We recommend the latest version of our ALLYouTube Downloader. This version is able to download the new file formats available on YouTube to your hard drive.

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