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ALLPassword Manager V2.1 is a program you can find in LiveUpdate. It remembers the logins and passwords you use on the Internet. The current version works only with Internet Explorer, but we are working on other plugins.


ALLPassword Manager is integrated with the web browser, to free you from the task of remembering logins/passwords or from having to use one username and password everywhere.

A plethora of IDs and passwords for various Web sites (pinger, vala, cluster, picasa etc.), forums, blogs, online shops, banks and other services that require authorisation is the nightmare of many users. Recently, passwords of at least 8 characters have been required, consisting of large and small letters and special characters which makes it look like a code to the LiveUpdate.

All of the potential difficulties that arise from this, such as the risk of routinely using the same password, neglecting to reset passwords, using easy-to-guess passwords and their improper storage, can be solved or eliminated by ALLPassword Manager. It automatically remembers all IDs and passwords used during normal Internet browsing and stores them in an encrypted file.

How does it work?

After installing the application, the user creates a profile and enters the master password to the program. Then select the security level.
Running in the background, the program automatically detects the IDs and passwords entered, and after approval by the user, displays the window indicating the addition of characters to the database. The next time you load a page, or start the application, the password will be automatically written.

Depending on the chosen security level, you can disable the automatic entry of passwords or choose to confirm any action by the main password.

Backup and restore options allow you to effortlessly create backups and transfer the encrypted data to other computers.

The program may also be useful for reading passwords which have been fulfilled automatically by Internet Explorer, for such a long time that they have been forgotten.

ALLPassword Manager - remember and enter logins and passwords on web sites


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