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You can't hear the dialogues/none of the loudspeakers play PDF Stampa E-mail
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Solution: Go to sound settings in the AC3Filter (in version 5.0 filters are also in context menu):

1. First, check how many channels are in your movie file - (1) - shows that the sound is on all 6 channels; that is OK.
2. Set AS IS (2) in output format.
3. If you have your computer connected to an amplifier with digital or optical connection, select "SPDIF". The sound will not be processed through the computer, but will be sent directly to your amplifier. It greatly improves the quality of sound - (3)

If you do not have Audio 5.1, but stereo instead, you should set the output format to: 2/0 stereo - (1) which will set the sound, like dialogue, to the paths that your equipment is able to play. If you don't do this, many of the sounds corresponding to the channels which you don't have (eg sounds of rear loudspeakers or dialogue) won't be heard or will be scarcely audible.


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