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Nevermind the ballocks - Here's the Super Balls PDF 印刷 Eメール
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2010年 12月 23日(木曜日) 23:27
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The rules of this addictive game are very simple. Select the ball you can see on your screen and click on the open space of the board. The ball will go to the clicked position. After each of your movement, three additional balls will appear in the field > Next <.
Balls should be set, so as to arrange them at least five vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If we succeed arranged so, the balls will disappear and we get scored.

When We put more than five balls  we will get an additional opportunity to use one of the Bonuses (one of the buttons below the field> BONUSES)



In order to achieve really good results you need to learn how to make Bonuses. Without bonuses all we can achieve is 500-1000 points, with bonuses the results can be several times higher (watch the Top List). The best way to start is to create a biggest bonus.

Obviously this is not so easy, but certainly one time with a bit of skill and luck we can succeed. In this example shown below, key "DELETE" deletes all blue balls, and you're ready to create another Bonus.

Super Kulki Bonus

On the screen above, putting the selected purple ball in the place with indicator, we'll get one of the most important Bonuses - "Three black balls" which can replace any other ball in any color. For example, when we have a row with four green balls, adding a black ball we make them dissapear (except the black one which can be reused.)

About other Bonuses you will find out during the game.


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