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ALLPlayer - Keyboard


'ENTER' - Press in case of: no sound, no picture, or no synchronicity between the sound and the picture
'B' - open the previous movie from the play list
'N' - open the next movie from the play list
'Right cursor- skip forward to a set amount of seconds
'Left cursor- skip backward to a set amount of seconds
'Up cursor- volume up
'Down cursor- volume down
'R' - full screen with defined pixel dimensions
'F' - full screen without defined pixel dimensions
'M' - mute
'Esc' - exit from full screen
'I' - OSD on screen display
'1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9' - forward from 1 to 9 frames
'P' - Repeat (constantly play the same piece of the movie)
'Home' - open avi menu
'O' - open the movie
'+' - increase brightness
'-' - decrease brightness
'L' - show Playlist
'Z' - drop the program on the bar
'F9' - FixAVI (fixing avi files)
'F10' - password protection
'F12' - snapshot from a movie

Numerical keyboard
'+' - increase the picture
'-'   - decrease the picture
'*' - Original picture size
'No 8, 4, 6, 2'  move the Picture: up, left, right, down (on the numerical keyboard)
'No 9' - 16:9 mode
'No 3 - 4:3 mode
'No 5' - original size
'No 7' - vertical increase (Full screen mode)
'No 1' - vertical decrease (Full screen mode)


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