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At the beginning, I have to say that there are a few ways to configure a picture on TV. I will describe a not too difficult one which gives good results. As a player, I use the popular ALLPlayer, and I'll make a configuration using NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS and drivers version 175.16 for Windows XP (32-bit). The signal will be from the S-Video output.

1. First, you must configure the image display to the graphics card. Click the right button on the desktop and choose: NVIDIA Control Panel. Go to "View" - "Setting up multiple monitors," and choose an option: Monitors configured independently from each other (DualView). Point 3: as the primary monitor we set monitor.

2. When the image is not perfectly aligned over the entire surface of the TV screen - go to "Video and Television" - "Customize the size and position of the image". Then adjust the position and size of the screen with buttons.

3. Close the NVIDIA Control Panel.

4. Run ALLPlayer and select video. When you start, click the right mouse button on the player interface and choose "FullScreen on Monitor 2". Then double-click the left mouse button on the screen. At this point, the film image should disappear from the computer screen and appear in full screen mode on your TV.

5. The last step is to adjust color, brightness, contrast, etc. When playing the movie on TV, open the NVIDIA Control Panel. Go to bookmark: "Video and Television" - "Adjust video color settings". Adjust sliders and watch the TV at the same time for effects. You can even further improve the image quality through the options in the "Adjust video" and use sharpening the edges, noise reduction and the telecine conversion. If the picture on the TV is black and white or it skips, set the format of video signal in the NVIDIA Control panel. Mostly it is PAL, so choose from the list that option. If it does not work, you must be in one of the countries with an NTSC signal. To improve image sharpness on the TV: "Adjust the TV color settings" - decrease the level of "Flicker Filter".

Info from www.kodek.info / tv_konfiguracja.php


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