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ALLPlayer 5.8 PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
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2014-01-31 00:00

ALLPlayer 5.8 have just been released. This time with the additional function for your smartphone - ALLPlayer Remote Control.
ALLPlayer 5.8 with Android TV Remote


Upgrade ALLPlayer to 5.8

ALLPlayer Remote for Android on Google Play.

ALLPlayer 1.0 for Android on Google Play.

What's new:

  • ALLPlayer Remote Control (Wi-Fi mode and Internet mode)
  • Playback of video files with no soundtrack fixed
  • Even 5 x reduction in memory usage on some files

ALLPlayer Remote PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
Användarbetyg: / 8
2014-01-22 14:12

For the convenience of our users we just have created ALLPlayer Remote - which can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. ALLPlayer Remote Control works on smartphones and tablets with Android sytem.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, especially that ALLPlayer control is not the only function of it.



ALLPlayer Pilot Android Wi-Fi

ALLPlayer 5.7 PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
Användarbetyg: / 104
2013-10-30 00:53

You can now download latest ALLPlayer 5.7, but also ALLPlayer 1.0 for Android!

ALLPlayer 1.0 Android


What's new:

  • ALLPlayer built-in codecs fixed
  • support for the latest DirectX
  • hardware acceleration improved - less CPU consumption, better work on older computers
  • ALLPlayer codecs are now available for each Windows user account (previously you had to install codecs separately for each user)
  • program stability improved
  • brightness, contrast, color (eg for AVI movies) improved
  • playlist on OSD improved

 ALLPlayer 1.0 for Android now available on Google Play.

 Yours truly - ALLPlayer Group

ALLPlayer 5.6 PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
Användarbetyg: / 1621
2013-07-31 00:00

Feel free to download the latest version of ALLPlayer.
This time we improved stability, and prepared player for videos recorded in H265 and 4K.playback.

ALLPlayer 5.6

What's new, improved or changed:

  • new formats: H265 (HEVC), hm9, hm10 added
  • latest AC3Filter 2.6b added
  • playback of some video full HD files with DTS sound, which in previous versions were played too fast fixed
  • black screen with no OSD during playback of corrupted files fixed
  • improved stability and antifreeze
  • much easier adding files to ALLPlayer playlist
  • skin Cinematic HD improved
  • ALLMediaServer 0.95 which can be apart from being DLNA / AllShare server also ALLPlayer playlist bundled

Yours truly. ALLPlayer Group

ALLMediaServer 0.95 PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
Användarbetyg: / 29
2013-07-17 00:00

We recommend the latest  ALLMediaserver 0.95. What was improved:

  • proper rewind of not transcoded video files > 2GB
  • problem of synchronization video and audio during transcoding solved
  • playback of MTS and M2TS files (such as HD camcorders) improved
  • totally improved the quality of transcoded video files
  • bug that files with extensions written in capital letters were unable to run - fixed
  • new transcoding options in the setup (the ability to send only transcoded files or a combination with not transcoded ones)
  • possibility saving of port (previously was always used 888 despite modification)
  • possibility of limiting the transfer (bitrate) - useful for wifi connections where constantly movie was uploaded

    ALLPlayer & ALLMediaServer crew

ALLPlayer 5.5 PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
Användarbetyg: / 614
2013-05-01 00:00

Welcome to ALLPlayer 5.5.

What's new, what's improved or changed:

  • in some cases, 5.1 audio AVI files were played only on two channels - fixed  
  • sometimes when scrolling AVI, subtitles were out of sync with the image - fixed
  • synchronization of image and sound error in some AVI and MKV files - fixed

Yours truly
ALLPlayer Group

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