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Çarşamba, 02 Eylül 2009 14:30

There are several ways to get matching subtitles. Anyone who has ever started playing with them knows that selecting the appropriate subtitles will not mean that they will display properly. For this reason, programs such as ALLPlayer became popular. They had built-in text editors, and even converters, which were quickly able to replace, for example, 23 fps to 25 fps. However, technology is still moving forward. There are sites that use a unique technique to search for subtitles using so-called "movie hash". Once they emerged, it turned out that you don't need to look for and edit subtitles anymore. Built into the players, subtitles editors have become increasingly useless. The first applications that matched subtitles to the movies formed near opensubtitles.org. ALLPlayer, however, went one step further. There is a module working in connection with opensubtitles.org, built in directly to the player, which allows you to automatically download matching subtitles with start of the movie. You can download the subtitles in any language you like, and send subtitles made by yourself directly to the opensubtitles.org server, in a way much simpler than if you did this using the same applications without ALLPlayer.

"How to download matching subtitles"


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