Discover ALLPlayer 7.7 - faster & lighter video player

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Fixes in version 7.7 Lite:

  • slimmed down graphic interface of the program
  • faster application startup
  • new file formats detection and playback
  • corrected downloading of subtitles

The latest version of the most popular ALLPlayer 7.7 Lite movie player has just been released. The unique Lite designation means a lighter and faster version than previous ALLPlayer releases.

In this edition, we focused primarily on sliming down and thorough rebuilding of ALLPlayer, which in some cases resulted in even a quicker start of the application. The new version has been deprived of unnecessary and burdening system graphics elements and thanks to this it works more stable and is ready for operation practically immediately after launch.

Particular attention was also paid to the new mechanism of recognizing video files, thanks to which the program immediately recognizes the type of stream and decodes it using the fastest available audio / video codecs in the program.

The key change is a brand new video search visible from the player screen. After configuration, ALLPlayer searches for movies stored on local drives in the specified directories and on websites offering free videos - movies or video clips - more about the configuration of the search engine on our FORUM

We improved significantly internet radio, which now is divided into convenient folders and grouped by location and music genre.
Support for subtitles to videos from was also improved.

The latest engine supports the latest video and audio standards, such as support for 4K Ultra HD or WebM, and also improves the quality of subtitles.

By connecting to leading subtitles database such as ALLPlayer automatically downloads the perfectly matching subtitles in the selected language.

They should not also be unnoticed subsequent changes to improve the usability in a modern program interface known more from smartphones and tablets than Windows.
ALLPlayer interface was designed and looks like smartphone apps interface, so many young people should operate it intuitive and with ease. All functions are readily available, the precise moment they are needed.

We haven't forgotten about mobile users - for them is prepared ALLPlayer Android compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop, and convenient remote control app to operate the player.

Most important features:

  • Windows 10 compatible
  • built-in codecs to play any audio/video files ( with support for 4K and ULTRA HD)
  • movie and tv series search
  • playing movies and TV series with subtitles
  • internet radio stations
  • automatic download of matching subtitles