Parental Control

Press F10, then type the password. After restarting this movie ALLPlayer will ask you for a password.

After encoding the file, all other players except ALLPlayer will show that the file is corrupted. Note: If you forget the password you won't be able to open this movie anymore.

ALLPlayer - parental control - movie

How can you match Ivona computer reader with ALLPlayer?

Please download Ivona computer reader from z

After installing and starting ALLPlayer go to ALLPlayer Preferences.
From the menu select Settings, and then Dubbing.

Check the option Ivona or when you use other computer reader - Expressivo and save changes.

You can only change the reader volume and reading speed in ALLPlayer Settings. Changing the speed at which the text is read in computer reader settings has no influence on the reading speed of subtitles in ALLPlayer.
Dubbing test allows you to make sure that everything works correctly.

Movie Search


Add search directories and enter the title of the movie - ALLPlayer will search all drives on your computer and display them on the list.



ALLPlayer has implemented also dozens of radio music stations e.g. REGGAE, FOLK, JAZZ, CHILLOUT, ROCK and many other.

Subtitles settings

ALLPlayer - subtitles

  • Subtitles background
  • Font size and position of subtitles
  • Color
  • Version of subtitles

Matching subtitles in any language can you download from Opensubtitles:

ALLPlayer - subtitles other