1. How do I switch to another soundtrack?

Some movies have several audio tracks, with multiple subtitles versions. Sometimes in the file name it is described as a "Dual Audio" or similarly.
To switch soundtracks click right mouse button on screen and choose: Sound-> Audio track:

To switch subtitles click subtitles icon and choose from menu: Subitles stream

2. ALLPlayer - access to the Internet?

To take full advantage of ALLPlayer, please allow ALLPlayer for Internet access - it is quite natural for most of contemporary programs.
If a firewall is blocking access to the Internet, you have to change the rules in firewall advanced options. Allow ALLPlayer program or ALLPlayer.exe file for Internet connection.

ALLPlayer - odblokowanie dostępu do interenetu_video_player_allplayer.org

ALLPlayer - add rule to firewall_video_player_allplayer.org

With this additional feature you will get access to new features for your player and you will be able with one click:

  • get movie info
  • download matching subtitles in any language
  • scan your system and order or download the best selected audio/video codecs.

3. Run ALLPlayer as Administrator

If for some reason you have trouble downloading and installing the codecs, run ALLPlayer as an administrator by right-mouse clicking on the program icon and selecting "Run as Administrator".

ALLPlayer - run as administrator_video_player_allplayer.org

4. How to watch a movie on TV?

When you connect your computer with HDMI cable, the best solution is to use Windows - Extend these displays.

ALLPLayer - Extend Displays_video_player_allplayer.org

in ALLPlayer menu choose to display on the second screen:

ALLPlayer wyświetlanie na telewizorze_video_player_allplayer.org

After pressing the fullscreen button, ALLPlayer picture will appear on the second attached monitor/TV in full screen mode. This gives you the opportunity to continue working on your computer desktop and watching a movie on the second screen.

5. No audio, what to do?

Select a different audio output in the ALLPlayer menu -> Sound -> Audio output

ALLPlayer_ wyjście_audio_video_player_allplayer.org