Movie autostart

In a specific directory you will find all the files that you can record on USB memory stick.
After inserting such a device to any computer with a clean Windows, even without codecs, a movie immediately starts in ALLplayer:

ALLPlayer - movie

Playback options.

You can set the playback options according to personal preferences:

ALLPlayer - playback

Best codecs.

With the latest version of ALLPlayer, the latest audio/video codec pack is installed, so that you do not have to waste your time experimenting with the wrong ones. Our codec pack is checked against spyware or viruses.
Right after the installation ALLPlayer is ready to play files in all known formats: movies from mobile phones, HD Cameras, Digital Cameras and Torrent/P2P movies.

allplayer napraw

Artificial Intelligence subtitles

This feature consists of analyzing and controlling the length of the text line and setting the time of its display regardless of time set in text file with subtitles.

ALLPlayer - ai

ALLPlayer - a free video player with automatic downloading of subtitles

ALLPlayer is probably the most popular program for watching movies and listening to music, with a modern, intuitive interface known more from smartphones and tablets than Windows.
All functions are readily available, the precise moment they are needed, and thanks to codecs built-in, ALLPlayer can play virtually any media file format.

Watch the video to see ALLPlayer in action:


The latest engine supports the latest video and audio standards, such as support for 4K Ultra HD or WebM, and also improves the quality of subtitles.
By connecting to leading subtitles database such as ALLPlayer automatically downloads the perfectly matching subtitles in the selected language.

ALLPlayer - auto download

The latest version provides support for all popular subtitles formats. The engine also improves their display, including setting the display time.
Speech synthesizer was implemented for people who prefer to watch movies with dubbing.

With Allplayer you can listen to dozens of radio stations.

ALLPlayer - radio

Thanks to ALLPlayer Remote for Android you can control ALLPlayer with a smartphone, and transfer files between paired devices. Read more abot ALLPlayer Remote on Google Play

ALLPlayer -

Other ALLPlayer features:

  • playing DVDs and CDs
  • playing rar files
  • dozens of online radio stations
  • support for up to 4 monitors or TVs
  • automatic playback for next parts of movies or series
  • support for Dolby Surround, DTS, 3D audio, SPDIF and other
  • playlist
  • EQ
  • support for audio and video streams
  • image rotation, color correction, improving the quality
  • turning off computer or monitor after the movie
  • autoresume
  • intelligent subtitles
  • dubbing
  • parental control - password on a file