ALLPlayer 8.4 - the fastest movie player

allplayer video player

The latest version of the ALLPlayer 8.4 brings an increase in the efficiency of decoding movies and series for owners of new Nvidia graphics cards. Accelerating files with H264/HEVC codec, the most popular decoding formats at the moment, is currently more dealing with GPU, relieving CPU - this is good news for people with weaker computers. Acceleration is available for GPUs:

* H264 (Nvidia® NVENC)

  • Computers with GPU: Geforce GTX 600 series, QUADRO / TESLA (K series) and higher.
  • GPUs: GTX 660M, 670MX, 675MX, 680M, 700M and higher.

* HEVC (Nvidia® NVENC)

  • Computers with GPUs: Maxwell GM20x (GTX 950/960/970/980 / Titan X), Pascal GP10x (GTX 1030/1050/1060/1070/1080 / Titan X), QUADRO / TESLA (M / P series) or higher.
  • Laptops with GPUs: GTX 965M, 970M, 980M or higher