Revolutionary AI-Powered Voice-Over Feature in ALLPlayer

ALLPlayer introduces an innovative AI-powered voice-over feature, changing the way viewers experience films. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology for voice generation, the AI Voice-over provides a unique experience comparable to a real human narrator. Now, users can enjoy films without the need to read subtitles while still listening to the authentic voices of actors.

Who is AI Voice-over for?

  • For those who dislike movie dubbing that destroys the true voice and authenticity of actors.
  • For visually impaired individuals who have difficulty reading subtitles.
  • For those who like to play movies in the background while doing other tasks and don't want to focus on reading subtitles.

Perfect for lovers of original soundtracks who also seek support in understanding dialogues. This function, developed by - a world leader in this field, is available to ALLPlayer users through a microtransaction system. The innovative AI Voice-over technology enriches the film experience, combining the comfort of listening with the authenticity of the original performance.
Please remember, of course, that we can only create AI Voice-over for files to which we have full rights and we can only use it for our own use (Terms of Use).

Usage Instructions:

Upon starting a film, a message "AI Voiceover Available - Download" will appear on the screen. By clicking this message, you can download the audio track with the AI voice-over.

If the AI voice-over has already been downloaded for a particular film, it will start automatically. If it's the first download, the program settings window will appear with the AI Voice-over tab active.

Here, you can check the status of your account, the possibility of generating the AI voice-over, test the voice-over functionality by pressing the "Test Voice-over" button, or download the AI voice-over audio track.

After turning on AI Voice-over, you can adjust its volume by clicking the speaker icon on the ALLPlayer screen:

Note: The AI Voice-over is available for subtitles that are either embedded in the movie or downloaded from the best subtitle services - ALLPlayer can automatically fetch them. Currently, the program does not support creating an AI Voice-over audio track for subtitles stored on local disks. Additionally, subtitles must be in the .srt format (we are working on extending compatibility to other formats). Purchasing an AI Voice-over allows for unlimited viewing of one movie with this feature. The time it takes to create an AI Voice-over file can vary from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes, depending on server load.